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Topic Title: sweet corn
Created on August 8, 2008 at 01:56 PM

Sharon Jackson

Does anyone have a good recipe for grilling sweet corn on the Holland? In the husk, or out? Having company over and want to show it off!


There is a short thread on "Corn on the cobb" on page 4 of this blog.


I've just assembled my new Holland grill but what has always worked with the old Weber is...cut the silk and long stub off,soak in salt water,and put it on the grill. It will steam it's self in it's husks.


Just put the corn on the grill in the husk and all. After it is cooked start pulling the husk off and grab the silks and pull them out. They will all come off together and leave no hairs on the corn. Pull the husk down dip the corn in garlic butter and enjoy.


i leave the corn husk, silk all intact. Soak in water for 10 min., put on grill for 10 min, roll 1/4 turn, 10 min. roll 1/4 turn 10 min, untill its all been facing the deflector plate. Put on leather gloves and peel the corn silk will come off with husks, spread dilled butter, and enjoy!!!