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Topic Title: Search the Forum
Created on August 12, 2008 at 12:58 PM

Chris Spruiell

I'm getting pretty deep into this forum but noticed there is no way to search for topics that I would like to jump straight to. Is that something that the administrator could add? I feel like it would be very helpful.


I second that!


Cool...glad to see so many people are using the Blog. I'll have my crack staff start working on it. THANK YOU for your comments and suggestions!

Chris Spruiell

thanks, i love the forum.. it makes me very hungry and motivated! i want to use people tried and proven opinions on how to cook certain things. i dont want to have to scroll the 200 pages to find a recipt ya know? haha anyway thanks for pushing this topic forward.. id love to see a big nice forum set up.


Any news on when the search cold be added to the forum?


The BLOG search is very near completion and should be up and running in a week or so. For now, it will be a search on TOPIC rather than content of the actual posting but that will be a great start. Thanks for your interest!