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Topic Title: Ribs Part 2
Created on August 12, 2008 at 04:15 PM


I have experimented with different cooking times for my ribs and am still perfecting my craft. The Holland recipe says to cook about 1.5 hrs and others have said 4 hours at a lower temperature. The Holland recipe turned out very nicely (although a lot of the sauce burnt because of the sugars) but I have always heard that "low and slow" is best. Any comments/suggestions/recommendations?



Actually either method is acceptable depending on how much or how little time you have. The key is to watch for the meat to start pulling away from the bone. In a Holland it may actually fall off of the bone. As far as the burning sauce is concerned, sauce should only go on toward the end of the cooking time for "finishing" Sauce is topical and really does not imeasre itself in the meat. Rely on your seasonings, rubs and smoking chips for cooking flavor and add your sauce just prior to removing from the grill or don't add it at all and serve several different sauces as sides at the table and let your guest pick and choose. Give it a try!



Thanks for the tips, can't wait to give it a shot.