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Topic Title: Gas tank
Created on August 13, 2008 at 02:01 PM


How long should a regular propane tank last ?

@ wbc

Depends on which grill you are referring to. Based on calculations, here is a rough idea:

Full size grills, main burner only
Black grills (20 lb tank), about 21 heating hours.

Stainless steel grills (20 lb tank), about 31 heating hours.

Portable grills
Companions (1 lb tank), about 4 heating hours.(on high)
Companions (20 lb tank, about 88 heating hours (on high)


Thanks. I've got the stainless so I'm set for awhile.

Chris Spruiell

Hey why does stainless make the gas last longer?


Because stainless is NOT a good conductor of heat, in order to achieve the desired 400 to 450 degree cooking temperature, the stainless full size grills only require 13,000 Btu as opposed to the nearly 20,000 Btu on the regular steel grills. Therefore, it takes less Btu to achieve the temperature--you could say the stainless grills get better "gas mileage."