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Topic Title: rotisaire
Created on August 13, 2008 at 05:27 PM


How can you rotisaire on the Holland grill? We like Prime Rib and other large meats slow cooked with a rotisaire.

@ Mark

I asked the same question when I got my Holland a few years ago. I had a typical grill that would burn food if it was not constantly turned.
On the Hollands, which is a CONVECTION OVEN type of grill, the heat is a lot more even on the top & bottom of your food while cooking, so most large pieces only need to be flipped once about 1/2 way through to insure even browning. The combination of a Holland grill & a digital readout unit with probe takes all the guesswork & most of the work itself out of doing roasts, tenderloins, turkeys & other larger pieces of meat. They really shine here.
Holland does not make a rottiserie & I don't think they need to.

the demonstrator

Mark, Large items on a Holland do not need turned. If you are making Prime Rib, whole Chickens, Turkeys, large roasts or Pork Loins...just place on the grid, season, and let her go. Cook to your desired temperature and you'll have great food everytime. The best item next to the grill is a Thermometer/probe timer that Holland sells. This way you never make a mistake on a large item.