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Topic Title: Two Turkeys
Created on November 17, 2007 at 11:55 PM


I've checked and both turkey's fit in my grill. My question is will it take longer with two turkey's than with one? Do I take the 15minutes a pound and do it for the total weight of both turkeys (each turkey is about 12 pounds, how long should I cook them?)

Carl in Omaha

I grilled two smalle turkeys last year and they took about the same time as 1 did. Just give yourself plenty of time. If they get done early, wrap with wax paper and then foil until you're ready to eat.


We've love smoking turkry on our Holland Grill for Christmas and Thanksgiven and oher special occasion. We use to try to time it, but now we use the digital themometer that holland sales. You set it and walk away and when its ready it beeps 180 degrees for turkeys. Its great.

Big Grillah

TL they, for some unexplained scientific explanation, take about the same time as one turkey does. Use your digital thermometer and you'll be in good shape.


I have always found that whole turkeys never take as long as 15 min/lb. Usually around 8-10 min/lb. I have cooked some bigs ones that barely fit, i.e. 26 lb. It is the only way to cook a turkey. Use the digital thermometer and you can not go wrong.