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Topic Title: Chicken Breast Cooking Time
Created on August 14, 2008 at 08:24 PM

Chris Spruiell

The recipes on here and in the holland manual call for chicken to be cooked for like 40-45 mins. I understand that if you have a whole 3lb chicken. but what if im grilling 3 one pound breasts? i just read a recipe on this site that said 40-45. I cook my chicken to about 170degrees and that takes about 14 mins for a reasonably sized boneless breast.

am i missing something?

@ Chris

The newer model grills get hotter than the older model grills. Food cooks faster.
Many of the recipes on the site were reprinted from the old cookbook from past years. If you have a grill with the aluminum drip pan, you have a newer model grill. Take the cooking times with a grain of salt.
Remember, all the cooking info are just guidelines to get you started. You need to develop your own specifics.