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Topic Title: Filet Mignon
Created on August 23, 2008 at 03:54 PM

Linda Boots

Anyone have any suggestions for fixing 6 or 8oz bacon-wrapped filet mignons on the Apex?
Thanks from a new owner.


Depending on your preference, I like mine rare, just preheat the grill like normal, place your steaks on the grill, leave about 8-10 minutes, turn once. Leave for about 5 minutes. They will be rare to med rare. Just lengthen the first cooking time for medium.

Linda Boots

Thanks, Chuck. I will try it tonight.


Thanks Chuck had Filet Mignon the other night left it on a couple min more It was The Best Filet Mignon I have ever had. Nice Read Warm Center


Wow, talk about appetizing conversation!

What will give you the most consistent & repeatable results is to cook to a specific internal temperature. I use a digital probe type thermometer with the probe inserted into the center of the filet. If you cook to the same temp each time, you will get the same result each time. This works for all thicker pieces of meat, like roasts, tenderloins, etc..


Thanks Omer just got a new digital thermometer Today will use it next time.

Paul L

Am shopping for new grill. How does this no-flare grill get to the slight caramelized crisp surface on a good steak and stay with the rare-med.rare center?

Willy T

Place the steak on the cooking grate closer to the edges to get a sear effect. It wont be the same sear as a traditional flamethrower propane grill but it'll get the job done and not ruin your $10lb steak in the process.