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Topic Title: Using 30 lb tank
Created on August 29, 2008 at 03:21 AM


I'm having a problem with connecting a 30 lb tank to my companion grill. I had it working for a few months and had tank problems and got a new one. Now propane won't come out of the regulator. It works with the 1 lb screw in bottle. I have tried new tank and new hoses to no avail. I want the convenience of the larger tank. Thanks

@ Steve

If it works with a 1 lb tank, but not with the hose, you have an incompatible hose. If you are replacing the hose with the same brand, you need to try a different brand.
I went through this myself & finally solved it by ordering a Holland conversion hose off the Holland web-site. No more problems.


Your hose has a little valve stem air valve like a tire has in the valve stem. It is screwed dodwn to deep in the hose and need to be backed out a couple of turns and it will deliver all the gas you need.

Chad F


I see the "valve stem" type release deep down inside the regulator end of the hose. It looks like one would need a special tool to access this to back it out. Can you elaborate on how you do this?