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Topic Title: Apple smoked ribs!
Created on September 17, 2008 at 02:12 PM


I did Baby Backs on the Holland last nite... i put about 1/2 cup of apple wood chips in a cup and soaked it for 10 min. in beer!
Then put the pouch on top of the drip pan untill the grill got hot, then put a rub on the ribs, put the ribs on grill for 1 1/2 hr with water in pan, then covered ribs in BB sause, then put in foil for 1/2 hr more, removed foil, drained water, left on for 10 min. to make the sauce sticky... THEN ATE THE WHOLE SLAB MYSELF!!! Best ribs i've ever made! I used the advice from this forum. Thanks all!!!


Want to make them even better? Add about 3 tablespoons of grape jelly to your BBQ sauce. The cheaper the better. Gives it that nice tangy flavor and the tackiness that makes you have to suck it off your fingers. Honestly, try it. Best rib tip anyone ever gave me. use it on chicken too.


Thanks Terry O! I'll try it !!


TerryO - I used Robert Rothschild Farm's "Hot Pepper Rasberry Chipotle Sauce" after reading your suggestion on adding jelly. Mixed it with the bbq sauce to make it sticky with a sweet, spicy kick...very good.


I'm trying this!
-Cook on a Wrangler
-Use Apple Smoke Buds
-Baby Back Ribs
-Apple Cider for steaming.
-Cheap Grape Jelly
-BBQ Sauce, to be determined.
-Butcher cut ribs.
Wish me luck, Pic & Results to follow.