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Topic Title: Seasoning Grill
Created on September 23, 2008 at 05:57 PM


Just purchased an Apex and excited to get it. I read in a previous blog that cooking bacon was a good to season the grill. Can someone tell me how long to cook the bacon and do you turn it? Also, any other ideas on how to season the grill? Thanks!


I seasoned mine with thick cut Bacon 1# about 6 min each side I like mine not crisp It turned out Great only way I cook Bacon now. Enjoy your new Grill


Bacon is great on the Holland..almost seems healthy without all the fat.

Terry B

bacon is the greatest on the gril,get the thick kind though. sprinkle some lemon pepper on it wow awsome.


Bacon also cleans the cooking grid like nothing else i've ever used! Not sure why, but is another excuse to load the grid with thick cut smoky bacon !