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Topic Title: Turkey
Created on October 6, 2008 at 01:26 PM


I put a 11# turkey on my Tradition grill half way thru the 3 hrs, I took the foil off the turkey and put the potatoes also on the grill at that time. When the 3 hrs was up I opened the grill the turkey looked like it came out of a cook book beautiful. When I carved it, it was running with juice. Every one loved it and there was no muss or fuss or burned food .. I should have had this grill 30 years ago. For 2 years I had seen at street fair demonstrations, of it being used, and I kept saying some day, now I am sure glad I bought it finally.. Thanks Holland..


Ever since I cooked my first Thanksgiving turkey on our Holland 7 years ago, I've never cooked another one in the oven. It is unbelievably easy and the turkey turns out golden brown and so moist and tender. I usually do two 13# turkeys on the grill and that frees up my kitchen for the breads and desserts. Love my Holland!


Did you guys have water in the pan?


That's the great thing Michael. You don't need a pan. Just season it up and set it right on the cooking surface, breast UP. I use a digital meat thermometer and set it for 180 degrees. Easy.