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Topic Title: Classic Drip Pan
Created on October 7, 2008 at 06:16 PM


I just inherited my Dad's old Classic Grill. It hadn't been used for years, stored under a covered carport. It has minor rust problems, except for the drip pan. I scraped off the excess with a putty knife, but it is still considerably rusty. Can I sand or wire brush the rest off? Should I then paint it...high temp paint? I've read that some users line it with aluminum foil. OR, do I really need to replace it with the new aluminum drip pan. I hope the old one is salvageable.

P.S. This the best website I've encountered.

@ Pat

As long as your old drip pan has no holes in it where grease can get through, you can use it. Wire brush the rust off & spray with high temp Pam cooking spray before using.
If there is that much rust on the drip pan,you might want to clean out the inside of the burner per the instructions on the web-site. It won't burn or heat right if there is rust or soot build-up in the burner.

John in Oklahoma

I would not recommend lining the drip pan with foil. I did this once and it flared up when I had a bunch of burgers on this. I think the foil made the drip pan much hotter. When my drip pan gets cruddy, I close the drain valve, fill the drip pan with a gallon of water, light the grill and let it "steam" clean. When all the water evaporates out, the crud will scrape off very easily. Make sure to clean out the drain pipe as well. As long as there are no holes in your drip pan I would continue to use it.