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Topic Title: smoking pheasants
Created on October 19, 2008 at 12:52 AM


I have a companion grill and want to smoke a couple pheasants. Any suggestions on the best way to do it?


Sorry, I guess not many people smoke pheasants on this board.
If it will help, the Hollands, including the Companion, add smoke flavor to your food by smouldering wood sawdust pellets called Flav-o-buds while the food is cooking. They are not true low temp/long cooking time grills in the tradition of most smoker only grills.
I would try some of the chicken recipes on the web-site, adjusting the cooking times for the smaller birds. You can add pellets in the bud tray in the back of the drip pan for the smoke flavor. If you get a handle on it, please post your results.


Thanks. I will do some experiementing and report back.