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Topic Title: Flame Goes Out
Created on October 20, 2008 at 02:32 PM

Jeff G

I have had a problem with the Flame going out on my Apex. It has happened to me three times since I bought the grill two months ago. I first thought it was a wind problem, but It happened yesterday on a calm day. Has anyone had this problem and a fix?


This sounds like a problem you need to call Holland about.
Basically, the flame goes out because the burner is not getting enough gas. What does your flame look like right after lighting? Which kind of fuel are you using, how do you have your air-shutter adjusted, do you have anything covering the smoke-stacks?
Call Holland, they will help you.

Jeff G

Thanks for the reply Chad. It is a new grill, 2 months, using LP 20 gallon. I the flame is normal blue with slight orange tips. The grill normally runs at 475 to 500 degrees when empty and I do not have the stacks covered. I did call Holland and they said there could be a small piece of debris in the orifice that blocks it occasionally. Other suggestions were to change out the LP tank, and it could possibly be the regulator. I will try a new tank first, I would hate to have Holland sending me parts that I don't need.


First, do not ever cover the stacks! I did this a couple of months ago and the grill went out. I then relit the grill and had a big boom!!! I called Holland about my grill going out and they said to check the air shutter setting. If the burner is getting the maximum amount of air gas mix the grill could go out. Refer to your manual or the website to adjust the air shutter.

Jeff G

Thanks youngbuck. No boom here. I was going to try adjusting the air intake but was afraid I would screw it up. The flame appears normal, but I can try it. I am afraid of the flame going out, I am cooking an 8 pound Brisket this weekend and can't afford to have it go out on me.

Jeff G

youngbuck's reply back was right. I adjusted the air shutter and have not had the problem since. When I opened the shutter for the slightest bit more air, the flame went out instantly, my grill was running right on the border of the flame going out. I adjusted for less air and I then saw the flame get the "yellow tips", they are very defined and I didn't really understand the description until I saw it myself.