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Topic Title: Use a Cover??
Created on October 26, 2008 at 01:20 PM


I live in the southern U.S. where humidities are very high in the summer. I've heard that grill covers can actually create moisture under these conditions and cause your grill to rust. Is there any truth to this statement? I want to protect my investment for many years and need to know whether or not I should use a cover. Thanks for the feedback.


There is some validity to what you are saying. You can trap moisture under the cover if you don't use the grill very often & it sits for long periods of time in humid weather.
Also, one of the tech guys at Holland reminded me that if you do not keep the lid open after cooking while the grill cools down, they will sweat or condense moisture on the inside just like mufflers. If you cover the grill with that condensation inside, you are trapping lots of moisture. Hope this helps.