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Topic Title: smoked up grill
Created on October 30, 2008 at 03:10 PM


I put tinfoil on the grill before putting a glass container on it to cook a chicken pie. I did this to protect the bottom the the pan. When I took the pie out after about 45 minutes, the inside of the grill is covered in black smoot, as well as one the the stacks. The outside of the grill also looks like it has some smoot cooked on.Evidently a piece of the tinfoil caught on fire. I have had the grill only 2 months and want to clean it without hurting the finish. How can I do this?


The first thing you should do is check the color of your flame right after lighting with the lid open. The manual says blue with small yellow tips.
If you happen to have an all yellow flame, something is not allowing enough air to get into the burner to mix with the gas. This will result in black soot coming off the flame. It could need an air-shutter adjustment or if it an older grill, you may need to clean the burner out. Also, when you put foil over the cooking surface, do not cover the outside 2 to 3 inches around the edge. The air can't circulate if you do. Hope this helps. Call Holland if you can't fix it.