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Topic Title: Propane Gauge
Created on October 31, 2008 at 12:20 AM


Just wondering if any of you out there use a gauge to tell you how full or empty your propane tank is . And if you do what type and where would I get one, and do they really work. twice now I have run out in the middle of cooking something thinking I had plenty of Propane left. Thanks Craig

Jeff G

You can buy the gauges online just about anywhere just do a Google search for "propane guage", it returns tons of them. I always keep an extra tank on hand, I just happened to run out last weekend while slow cooking a brisket for 6 hours, just swapped the tank and was back to cooking.


I bought and installed one a couple of months ago from Mills Fleet Farm. Love it. It won't tell you exactly how much gas you have left but will give you enough indication to let you know if you should start that turkey or not on that tank. The level will change with the outside temperature, but is relatively close. Also, I agree with Jeff completely. Never go without a back up tank or NG.