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Topic Title: My first Turkey
Created on November 2, 2008 at 09:54 PM

Martin James

Just cooked my first turkey on the Holland. It was a 19.5 pounder, used the thermo to cook it to 1800 degrees. It looked great, BUT the outside of the white meat was on the dry side.

Any ideas out there?

Two smaller turkeys instead of one big one?

Water in the pan?

Martin James

Typo... 180 degrees, not 1800 (no wonder it was dry!)

the demonstrator

Martin we only cook our turkeys to 175 and we move the probe around at about 160 to make sure it is not placed in a cavity or touching bone to give a false reading

Mike R

I rub the outside of my turkey with olive oil and then put seasoning salt on it. The olive oil helps to the keep the moisture in - would't have to put seasoning salt on it can do just olive oil