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Topic Title: basting
Created on November 21, 2007 at 11:14 PM

Russell (Seattle)

Should I bast a turkey just once in a HG?


I've never found the need to baste a holland turkey. I just use their Carolina Seasoning and it gets nice and brown without any basting.


after owning the holland grill for 15 years I got the oppertunity to become a demonstrator for Holland Grill. In the last 2 years I've cooked over 100 turkeys at demos never basting,they come out picture perfect (golden brown) and very moist inside


I live in Phoenix, Az and received a Legacy Holland Grill as a gift from my parents and built my Holland Grill onto my deck myself. Best gift ever!

My parents kept bragging about cooking turkeys on the Holland Grill so thought I would give it a try this past Thanksgiving. What a difference! All I did was washed the turkey, sprinkled with Carolina and layed it on its back. The turkey was a 26 lb bird and came out great!

On Christmas, I stuffed the bird with apples.

Can't see a reason for ever cooking the turkeys in the oven again.