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Topic Title: Turkey with wine in the steamer pan
Created on November 25, 2008 at 09:14 PM


Lat year I cooked a turkey on my Holland and I put a bottle of white wine in the steamer pan to keep the bird moist, seasoned the bird similar to the recipes on the site and stuffed the bird with a quartered onion... It worked like a champ... moist meat and crispy skin once the wine steamed off... I can't find the recipe to remember if I need to increase cooking time or not... Anyone else know where i can find the cooking time for this meathod???

Sean Gross

The Holland Grill cookbook which came with my grill has a footnote for the Country Turkey & Apples recipe which states the following in regard to cooking the turkey using 1 gal. of hot water in the drip pan:

This method will add about 30 min. to your grilling time and will give you a lower grilling temperature.