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Topic Title: Boston Butt
Created on November 27, 2008 at 12:57 AM


Tonight I decided to try a new method of cooking a Butt on the Holland. Placed a 7.7lb bone-in Boston butt, fat cap down, in a disposable aluminum pan with Holland Rump Shake seasoning and mustard/57 sauce rub and covered with aluminum foil. Cooked to temperature (180 degrees) in the pan with all the wonderful juices. At this point I removed the butt from the foil pan and placed on the grate for 6-8 mins to sear or form a crust. Not surprisingly, this worked very well. Perfectly moist fall off the bone in the middle with a nice Rump Shake bark on the outside....Try it!


Did you fill the drip pan with water while cooking?


Is the butt done once it reaches 180 internal or does it need to stay at the temp for a while?


This butt recipe worked great! Best pulled port I've ever eaten and so easy to do.


aprox. how long is the cooking time?


Cook to 180 degrees no matter the time! Depends on the temp of the grill and the temp of the meat you start out with.


No water in the drip pan for this recipe.....thanks