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Topic Title: Side Burner Flame
Created on December 4, 2008 at 02:33 PM

Bill, from N.C.

If anyone can give me advice/help please do.

I fabricated my side burner to go on my Heritage. I Teed of the main line to the burner. I did this just like the installation of the side burner Holland sells. When I fired up the side burner for the first time the flame from it was orange and I could tell it was very low pressure. The flame on the Hollnd burner was reduce a little bit. I used a high pressure burner and a two foot LP hose off the shelf. I then remove the line from the Holland main LP line and hooked the side burner to a seperate LP tank with a high pressure regulator and it worked great. It had a high pressure blue flame.

Why was the side burner not as good as the the flaame on the Holland burner?

Could it have been the LP hose?

Is there that much difference in the Holland hose vs a regular hose?
Thank you for any help you can give.


Do not use high pressure regulators anywhere on the grill or side burner. Low pressure only (11" water/ column). Not needed & you will void your grill warranty.
Use only 1 low pressure hose & regulator from the tank to the T-fitting. If you are using another hose with regulator from the T-fitting to the side burner, you are double regulated & that won't work.
It sounds like you are not using a Holland side burner, so I can't be more specific. Call Holland if you need more tech advice. 1-800-880-9766

Bill from N.C.

I have only one regulator and it is the stock regulator from the holland factory.

I guess what my question is, will that regulator supply enough gas to both burner? There is a great difference in the flame between the two burners.



If it is a Holland side burner & you have the correct orifice in the gas valve, the flame should be about the same in both burners. The stock regulator will deliver plenty of gas for both burners.
I have seen blockages in the T-fitting, so be sure it is clear & check your side burner gas valve for blockages..

Again, Holland tech, 1-800-880-9766