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Topic Title: cooking steaks
Created on December 16, 2008 at 02:02 AM


I'm accustomed to "searing" steaks on a hot grill to seal the juices. How can I accomplish this on my Holland?


The Holland really won't sear a steak--but it doesn't need to burn it to seal in the juices. Try preheating your grill for about a half hour (since it's cold) Let the steak sit out on the counter while the grill preheats and coat it with Holland's Carolina seasoning. Place the steak near the back edge of the grill where it's hotter.(Don't let it hange over the edges) Cook a 3/4" steak for about 10-12 minutes per side to get a nice pink medium. Or, occasionally, I have seared a steak in a hot iron skillet--after coating the steak with a little olive oil-- for 2 minutes on each side and then put it on the Holland to finish. They had instructions for doing that on their RECIPE section of the website. Try it, you'll like it.


Good suggestions. Thanks!


Someone @ Holland responded to the same inquery of mine back in October...see Oct 17 blog regarding Blackened Tuna...they said to watch for an new accessorie that would work like a charm for both blackening and searing. I am still watching and waiting, but nothing.