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Topic Title: Holland Digital Thermometer
Created on November 26, 2007 at 05:37 PM

Keith (Tennessee)

Just a word of caution to someone using the Holland Digital Thermometer. Don't get excited about using your grill and forget and have the digital readout setting on C for centigrade and not (F) for fahrenheit. You will definetly burn your turkey (still laughing at myself)

Jason in Oregon

Don't feel bad Keith. I did the same thing. I then realized there's a little button on the back to switch it to F. My wife is still laughing.


Well I thawed out another 15lb turkey and went at it again. This turkey turned out just fine. You can bet for sure I set the thermometer on fahrenheit this time. Steaks are next....


My question is when your using the Thermal Tempeture Probe, you put the proble in the meat and then how is it possible to have the connected gauge and alarm on the outside with the lid down


You plug the pointed part into the meat and let
the little clock thing sit out on the shelf, closing the lid on the wire only. Don't put the whole thing will melt.


And don't let the time/temp box get wet in the rain.


Here's the update on the steaks. The New York Strip steak I prepared on the grill was about 1 1/2" thick and was a pretty nice size in surface area. The Holland cookbook stated about 20-25 minutes but this particular (1)steak took 40 minutes to prepare. The thickness I am sure was the reason for this. But the steak was an even cook throughout the entire thickness. Boneless skinless chicken breast has gotta be next....


Keith, Your steaks were delicious I'm sure. Did you use your tempprobe, and if so what temperature did you finish with? I am doing buffalo wings on the Holland today. It is windy and snowing. I disconnected my gas line and re-connected it try to get more heat. I'll let you know how it worked.


Terry, I did not use the temp probe. I wanted to get a feel of how long to cook a steak so that I would not have to use the probe everytime. I believe also that the more steaks that are on the grill the longer they will take too. I feel that the probe would come in more handy for much thicker cuts of meat such as roast, meatloafs, turkey and whole chickens.


Terry, Is your flame that burns a yellow or blue flame?


My wings turned out great. They were frozen when I put them on and were done in an hour. I found a piece of plexi-glass to block some wind and I re-connected my gas line. My flames are 90% blue with orange-white tips. I am cooking a brisket for our Christmas eve party. I never did one before and will follow the instructions in the Holland cookbook. My favorite barbeque sauce is Blues-Hog . You have to try it. They have a website. Terry


Terry, How was the brisket? You care to share the recipe? We just finished Christmas dinner after cooking a 13# ham. It was very good with the special sauce on top of it made with Orange marmalade, brown sugar, honey mustard and ginger. Cook ham for 2 hours, then X slice on top, cut/poke down in the top and drop this sauce in the cuts and cook for another half hour.

Terry (Illinois)

Hi Keith, Wow that is a huge ham! I received a Holland temperature probe/timer for Christmas. Wow, It makes you feel like a pro. I followed the brisket recipe to the letter from Holland's recipe. I bought a 3.5 # slab and grilled it for 3 hours. A local pitmaster suggested when it was done (160) to wrap it in foil and a couple of towels and I put it in a cooler. I left the probe in it till we cut it about 2 hours later. It was about 140 degrees, juicy and delicious. My family warned me that I have started a tradition with the meat appetizer. We served it with 3 types of sauce and small squares of pumpernickel bread.


I got a bad thermometer cooking a brisket at 250f holland probe reading 249f inside brisket. Need to get to 165 in about 5 hours cheaper thermometers that you have to open the lid are at 110-120.


Great post Robert makes lots of sense without punctuation not easy to read or get help if literate people cant understand your post learn to write


Keith...I don't know why but we have to cook most of our meats on Holland longer than recommended. We like Med Well on maybe that is the difference.


Steaks...not stakes! My Ipad likes to change words.