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Topic Title: Cooking Lobster
Created on January 9, 2009 at 06:13 PM


How should I prep the Lobster and how long should I cook it?


Mike, we love King crab and Lobster on the Holland! First, if frozen, thaw it under cold water in a strainer. You never want it to get to room temp. Second, we use the extra large aluminum foil and manufacture a giant envelope in which to put the lobster. Pre-heat the grill and place the envelope right on the main grill. It will depend on how large the lobster is, but 1/2 pound tails will take about 1/2 hour. 1 pound+ will take about 45min to an hour. the envelope helps to steam them in their own moisture. Careful!!! if the envelope gets punctured while removing from the grill a stream of hot steam will erupt and ruin your evening. Use oven mitts to remove from grill. (learned the hard way)

Of course you can always close the drain and fill with water and steam this way but this takes longer and you lose some flavor out of the chimney. Good luck!