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Topic Title: Recipes
Created on November 26, 2007 at 08:53 PM


Hi all. I just purchased my holland, but I was hoping to find more recipes specifically for cooking on the holland. Any advice where I can find more than those listed in the "cook book" that came with my grill?

Bernard (MD)

Holland's got a pretty good recipe section on their website. But I've found that you can pretty much take any cookbook off your shelf and cook any recipe on the Holland Grill. It cooks like an oven between 350 and 400 degrees but it smokes alot back up on to the food--especially meats--to give it a good flavor. I do casseroles, baked beans, breads, etc. in mine all the time. Try frozen pizzas on there too. The Digorno (don't know how to spell it) self rising crusts are great!


I love breakfast on the grill. I have not tried the eggs, but the sausage and bacon are great! Don't tell my doctor.


I love it