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Topic Title: How much I Like This Grill
Created on March 22, 2009 at 06:57 PM

Marie Flowers

I have had my Holland grill for almost a year and we love it. I can now cook chicken without burning it and steak are cooked to perfection. Hamburgers are not charred and it makes a wonderful ham and ribs.


Ditto here, Marie. Have had our Apex since July 08. Love it. We've cooked chickens, turkeys, hams, roasts, veggies, and of course, numerous steaks/chops and burgers. Best grill we've had, by far. Well constructed.

Since we live up in Canada, this winter we've done most of our grilling in the garage with the door open, so the grill is out of the wind. Seems to do the trick. Now that things are warming up, we're moving it back outside. I have noticed that with the cooler weather, we can't get the wood chips to smoke. That's the only problem we've had so far.


We have had 2 Holland over 13 years. One we used at our camper cummer campground the other at our home. When you no longer used our camper we gave the black one to our son-in-law. He loves it and still has it.
We have the stainless premier. We just now are on the holland site to order a few parts which have rusted on the inside of the grill. NO biggie.
We have always cooked on the Holland year around, even when we lived in Minnesota. Now in Arizona we couldn't live without it. LOVE IT< LOVE IT< LOVE IT>
Let me tell you, there is no better pizza than the ones my husband makes on our Holland.
We have made all types of meat, casseroles, veggies, cakes, and other desserts. Any time we cook for family and friends we get nothing but possitive raves.
The new drop in unit for grilling islands will probably be our next purchase. Can't wait to get started on that project.

Joel in Texas do y'all make your pizza? Thanks!


Just have to get my 2 cents in. I was skeptical 8 years ago when my wife bought me a Holland Grill. Now, I wouldn't trade it for any thing. It by far outcooks any grill I've ever had (believe me, I've had all the big name grills). It's different, but that's what I like about it. Grill on brothers!

fat kat

Hey Rita would you mind sharing you husbands pizza reciept? Thanks

billy c

for the cold weather cookers, try wraping foil part way around the stack on the windy side. I think this will help you


I've had my grill (the Heritage I think) for 3 years and really like it. The best thing about it is how the food tastes. Just throw it on there and shut the lid. Thanks Holland