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Topic Title: Holland Warranty is a joke
Created on March 24, 2009 at 12:24 AM


I bought a holland stainless grill 10 years ago. Love the way it cooks, but am very disappointed in the so called warranty. The burner has had to be replaced 3 times, which is to be expected I guess with a grill of this age. The deal is they replace parts on the grill if you have a problem as long as you pay the shipping on the item, her lies the problem.. Holland charges more shipping a handling than the part cost. The metal that blocks the heat was needed to make my last repairs, Holland charged me 45 dollars for the shipping, I got a fourwheeler shipped from across the US for cheaper. The burner that was in the same package, I was charged 15 dollars for this. Warning: Dont believe the warranty hype.. There are strings attached... Dear Holland quit overcharging or at least be up front and take the so called warranty and leave it off the sales pitch.



I ship products for a large manufacturer of electronics and I can only tell you it is expensive to ship products these days. The shipping and handling charges include not only the actual freight charges but the cost of the box, the pay for someone to box it up, the packing material, insurance, etc. etc. I don't like it either, but it's just something we have to live with I guess.

Jim S

My stainless grill is over 10 years old & still has the original burner & flame deflector, both still in good condition. You have replaced yours 3 times?
You might want to invest in a cover so the rain does not get in your grill.

Stafford P

Burner retail.....$39.95 + S/H
Flame deflector...$48.70 + S/H
Total.............$88.65 + S/H

Total S/H for both parts under warranty $43

Seems like a reasonable deal for a 10 year old grill.


A great meal cooked on the perfect grill........Priceless!