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Topic Title: grounding clip on Apex
Created on March 28, 2009 at 03:08 PM

Mark H

I just bought a new Apex and there is a grounding clip hanging from a chain under the igniter / shield around the burner. I don't find it referenced in the owners manual unless I'm blind. What am I supposed to clip this to - my propane tank or something else?


It's in case the stiker doesn't work. Take a match and use the grounding clip to ease the match up to the burner.


STRIKER.. Sorry.


Legend has it that Mr. Holland put the aligator clip on all his early Holland Grills as his answer to the requirement that all gas grills have an automatic igniter. We didn't have one--didn't want one at the time--so the chain and clip was his solution. Put a match in it and it will light each and every time! We leave it on today even though our grills have spark igniters still as a backup lighting option. Click on or cut and paste this link to see how to light your grill manually. --Holland Grill