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Topic Title: Made in China?
Created on April 3, 2009 at 11:31 PM


Someone on said the new grills are made in China?

Any truth to this?


That's new news to me, a new shopper and potential Holland customer. I'm heading to the store tomorrow. I'll ask and hopefully see some boxed up and look for a "made in" label.


We have always, and still do, make the Holland Grills right here in the United States of America in a little town in Georgia. We do import a few parts from overseas in an effort to keep our prices down, but the grills come in one door as a huge roll of steel and exit the other end in a box as the Holland Grill. The person on Craig's List probably has us confused with one of the "copycat" grills who TRY to imitate Holland. They come from China and just don't quite live up to our standards. We did for a while have one of the little portable Companion grills made in China, but no more. So rest assured folks, the Holland Grill is as American as the apple pie you can cook on it.

--Holland Grill


Thank you we need the jobs


Made in the USA was one of the reasons we chose this grill - hope it stays that way!

Dan in Kansas City

Keep it here we need the Jobs !!!


I was between the Holland and another grill. Knowing that the grill was made in my backyard so to speak was the factor that broke the tie for me.


What town in Georgia are they made? anyone know?


When I ordered a couple of parts for my grill, they were shipped from Warrenton, Ga., which is in Augusta county. I would guess that if where the fabrication & assembly takes place.


The Grills are made in Warrenton, GA which is in Warren County about 45 minutes from Augusta, GA (Richmond County).


I had a guy at customer service tell me the Companion is made in China


I forgot in my last post "that guy" told me this in March of 2014.

Chris L

Called 8/14/14 Companion is overseas "Made to Holland specs" so the search continues....


I know they kicked the Companion overseas sometime and I'm not 100% positive but darn near in my opinion that it happenned sometime after they went to the folding leg variant.

I bought one of the folding leg variants last year and its pretty darn flimsly from legs to lid. My comparison is with the two previous Companions I had that were the non folding leg variants which were quite stout and of better construction.

If you could find an older non folding leg variant on Craigslist I'd grab it myself.

Dawg man

I went to my Holland Store in NE GA. I was told they were made in China. So I called Holland and found they tried to make some minor parts there, but were not pleased and have returned to Georgia.
I then went back to this hardware store this time to buy, and obviously Holland had called the man to tell him like it is. He forgot that I was the one a week earlier he had told was made in China. So I asked and he said NOOOOOO these are 100% made in America, and here in Georgia. Way to go Holland reps. Made in the USA and love this one like my first one. Keep it up.
Now I am trying to get a large store here in my hometown, Gainesville GA, to try to sell them. Heck yeah, go America !!! GO Holland Grills !!!

@dawg man

Not wanting to argue a point butbeven Holland's service techs still spout the Companion is made in China.