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Topic Title: Grill Cover or No Grill Cover
Created on April 4, 2009 at 12:59 AM


I've been researching to buy a new grill. I'm heavily leaning toward the Holland.

While investigating, I've seen where some people (general grill owners, not Holland specific) suggest to not use a grill cover. Partially due to collecting wind and helping to blow the grill away. But, also a lot of discussion on trapping moisture under the cover.

I see that Holland has a heavy duty cover. So, I'm guessing ther is no recommendation from Holland.

The salesman at the store said he's had his Holland for 7 years and with no cover, it looks great.

So, I'm wondering if covers are as bad for the grill's life as they are good for it.

Does anyone have any opinion.

By the way, I'm in Minnesota (southern part, but still very far North in the US).


Tom, I too live in Minnesota, I definitely reccomend a cover. Sadly though when I purchased my Heritage almost a year ago I bought the Deluxe cover as well. It did not make it through the Minnesota winter. It tore to shreads. I contact Holland and they sent me a new one at no charge. That one came with a hole in it right out of the package and the material was lighter weight than last years. They sent me a third one of the same light weight material and they are also using less Velcro and a lesser quality Velcro so now every time the wind blows it blows off. I absolutely love my Holland and wouldn't trade it for anything else on the market. I cannot reccomend their cover though. I have asked for a resolution to the problem but am getting no response. If Holland can't come up with a winter grade cover then I will have a boat cover company make one. good luck

CG of Alabama

I bought my Epic about a year ago and I bought the cover at the same time. I understand from a friend that if his Holland doesn't stay covered, his drain bucket tends to hold the water and gets rusty. We have a 3 car garage with only 2 cars,so you can guess where mine stays. Winters are mild here and my cover would probably last quite a bit longer than up north. Good suggestion for Holland to beef up the cover for extreme environments.


I also live in Alabama. I am lazier than you, I only remove my bucket when not in use. In our climate, after thirteen years my SS Holland still looks great.


I bought their cover and it is not much good. Cheap vinyl that is cracked all over now after a couple of years outside in summer only. I also have a Weber and it's cover is much better quality.

I am going to have one made up at my boat tarp dealer. Holland should make a better cover or get out of the cover business.

the demonstrator

Just to let you guys know, Holland is looking at a new style cover which is very heavy and will definitely outlast anything that they have had before. They are trying it out right now to see how it lasts and how the wind affects it.

Nick (Ricks Neighbor)

Any idea when the NEW cover will be available.

the demonstrator

Nick, the new cover is available now.

Nick (Ricks Neighbor)

I am not disputing you but I spoke to a woman today at Holland and she said it would not be available for another month yet. Where are they available at?? Thanks in advance.