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Topic Title: 2009 Holland Grills
Created on April 7, 2009 at 12:55 AM


Researching, to purchase soon, I see that this webite for the Epic & Apex models specifically have '08 in the product title. This '08 designation is not listed in the Heritage Plus model, no year is listed.

My question, will there be 2009 versions of these products ? If so, what is changing and when will they appear on the website and in stores.


Good question Tom. The 07 and 08 designations were to distinguish the changes that were made in the cabinet of both the Apex and Epic. We changed the way the cabinets were constructed on both models soon after they were introduced. Rather than change the model names we used the 07 and 08 references more for our internal use to identify those respective models for clarity purposes when ordering parts. All the models you see on our website now are current models, 2009 models if you will. Thank you for your question and we hope you decide on a Holland Grill.

--The Holland Grill Co.