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Topic Title: Are all regulars the same?
Created on April 8, 2009 at 02:01 PM


My burner will produce a nice blue flame in the beginning, and then after a while it will turn mostly orange. I have cleaned out the burner (which allowed me to get the blue flame in the beginning) and I have opened the screen. After disconnecting the regulator from the tank and reattaching, I will always get a blue flame that eventually turns orange after about 15 minutes or so. My question is, are all regualators the same? Meaning I can use another regulator from another brand grill?



All "low pressure" hose & regulators are theoreticaly calibrated to the same pressure. If you get a new hose & regulator, just make sure it is "Low pressure" not "high pressure".

Always adjust the air-shutter with the lid open & no food on the grill.

After you add food & close the lid, the flame will pick up more yellow/orange. That is normal because you are adding moisture from the food.
If the flame is turning yellow/orange during the preheat before you add food, then you may need to clean out your burner. Instructions are on the web-site.