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Topic Title: Patriot and SearMate Videos
Created on April 10, 2009 at 12:23 PM

Jeff G

I notice when the first video for the SearMate was released that it did not load on my laptop. I am using Ubuntu Linux, I hate Windows. At first I thought it was some Linux specific problem, because I was able to view the video on my work laptop with Internet Explorer. The reason for the video not working with Mozilla Firefox is because the video is played by an Active-X Control. By default Firefox will not use Active-X because it can be used for Malicious Software,Viruses,and Spyware. Hollands videos will not be a security threat, but enabling Active-X in your browser can lead to problems just by browsing a website with bad content.


Thanks for the information Jeff. I've repeatedly expressed concern to our website company that videos and other functions wouldn't work with Firefox (I use Firefox too) and they couldn't give me an answer why not. I've tried to set my default media player on Firefox to WMP, but still no success. I"ll forward your comments to them. But for now, we'll have to go with the percentages of IE users. Thanks again.

--The Holland Grill Co.