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Topic Title: fish
Created on April 12, 2009 at 03:17 PM


Wondering how to grill fish and the best kind of fish to use? THANKS

holland user since 1992

It is always best to use fresh caught fish. that live in your area. I cook a lot of saltwater fish on the grill. butter lemon and garlic to taste. The size of the filets will tell you how long. On preheated grill 9 to 14 mins please don't over cook fish.

Captain Steve


Jerry: Cooked salmon filets last night. I season with garlic olive oil, and then sprinkle with garlic pepper and lemon pepper. I also like to get some mesquit smoking good. I agree w/ Capt not over cook. Take it off when fish is just starting to flake. Remember, it will cook a little longer after you take it off.


I caught some bass this Spring and normally they are too strong to eat. I found a recipe where you mix mayonaise or salad dressing and soy sauce until the result appears copper in color. Cover the cut side of filet with the goo or pack inside if cooking whole fish. 10-15 minutes later on the Holland and that old bass tastes as good as fish from the fanciest resturants! If you pack inside, you don't even have to scale the fish as the skin and scales slides off leaving just the meat! Try it!


Jerry, I just bought and installed the Sear-Mate just for this reason. It works great for tuna, swordfish, salmon, etc. Won't hve it any other way now. Try some blackening or cajun seasoning. What a treat!