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Topic Title: BBQ Ribs?
Created on April 13, 2009 at 03:34 PM

Eric in Wyoming

Just got my Holland. Love the way it does steaks and burgers and doesn't burn them. Does anyone out there have a good recipe to do ribs?

Billy C

Eric, the best way to do ribs is very simple. Just salt & Pepper to taste and sprinkle a little Chili Powder on, do not over do. The ribs will make thier own sauce this way. Thats the way I do it here in Central Texas

Eric in Wyoming

Thanks billy C. How long do you cook your ribs on a Holland Grill?


I cook pork ribs about 1 1/4 hours. 30 with bone down, flip for 30 and then back over for the last 15. For those who like wet ribs you can brush on your favorite sauce the last 15 minutes.

Joel in Texas

Billy C,

How and how long do you cook those ribs in Central TX?


This might be obvious, if so I apologize. If you take the silver membrane off the backside of the ribs before seasoning they seem to be juicier.

The Holland is the best rib smoker I have tried.


I've had trouble keeping the temp low enough on my Holland to be able to slow cook ribs even with water in the pan and the lid cracked open. I've had good luck putting a dry rub the ribs for a few hours or overnight, then wrapping the ribs (cut into sections) in aluminum foil, pour in a half can of beer and seal the foil and grill for about 2 hours. Then I can finish them on the grill and add some sauce over another 30 minutes. To me this makes it simple/no-hassle for the first 2 hours and I get nice and tender ribs. I saw some people grill the ribs first and the wrap them in foil. Anybody have a reason to grill or wrap in foil first or last?