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Topic Title: Beef Brisket
Created on April 14, 2009 at 12:05 AM

Jeff G

I made a 15 pound Beef Brisket on my Apex this weekend for Easter. It took 7 total hours of cooking time, but well worth the wait.


Very Impressive


that's an awesome brisket! Sliced thin across the grain.......delicious! Can you share your recipe with us?


Why are you opening it and taking pictures ... I thought that if you're looking (or taking pictures) then you're not cooking ! Maybe Holland needs to patent an internal grill, heat resistant, wireless camera !

Jeff G

You have to open it once an hour to replace the water in the drip pan, If that step was skipped I would have made Brisket Jerky.


how did you get the picture on your post?

Jeff G

When you chose to reply, right above the text fields that you type in, there is a link to "Upload..." You will have to make sure your images are less than 250 pixels, so you will have to resize them before posting.

ed A

jeff, did you flip the brisket?

Jeff G

I had the fat cap on top at first, then flipped after the first two hours. I really don't think it will matter.
If you do make it just make sure you use a thermometer, the times on the recipe are what it took for me, but every brisket will very some.
With brisket and pork shoulder, its better to get done early, double wrap in Heavy Duty foil wrap in old towels and slice right before eating. You can leave it in there for a few hours most times, just don't let it get below the 140 Danger Zone.
If it gets done too early, put in in the oven at 170, once the oven gets to 170 turn it off for one hour and repeat if necessary.