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Topic Title: Best grill ever!
Created on May 3, 2009 at 01:00 AM

William C. Hobbs

I just purchased the Heritage Plus grill. Loveeeeee
it!!!!!! My mother-in-law has one and I couldn't talk her out of it so we bought one. Have used it yesterday for chicken breasts (juicy) and the best steaks we have ever grilled today! Can't wait for Thanksgiving!!!!

Karen in Omaha

You've not tasted anything good until you grill a 2" thick Omaha sirloin on the Holland Grill. Simply out of this world.

William C. Hobbs

Omaha sirloin? Is this a special recipe of yours?
If so please share!!!

Thanks Calvin


I think he's talking about the Omaha steaks that people can buy.
You can google for them in the internet.


Do the steaks get the gril marks on them like a normal grill does.

Jeff G

You will not get the grill marks you would expect from a normal grill. The steak will brown and be more tender than what you will get from a standard grill using direct cooking. I bought a SearMate for mine so I could have the option of searing if I ever feel the need to.

William C. Hobbs

Cooked baby back ribs on my grill for mothers day and my birthday. Best ribs we ever had, everyone raved about how good they were.