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Topic Title: Turkey
Created on May 4, 2009 at 05:32 PM

Brent in OR

Just got my Holland and love it. I've done burgers and steaks but I keep hearing about grilling a turkey on your holland. Does anyone have a favorite recipe or tips for cookin a whole turkey about 15 pounds?

Try this

Lisa in IL

To cook a whole turkey is a breeze. Rinse and pat dry the whole bird.In the skin between the breast and the little pocket by the thighs I place some pats of butter.In the inside cavity put one whole large or 2 medium vidala onions and a couple of lemons quartered. Rub butter on outside of whole bird and salt and pepper the whole bird.Place on a preheated Holland Grill. I use a digital thermometer and close the lid. If you don't have a digital thermometer cook about 15 minutes pound.
Best turkey you will ever make.
If you want to catch some drippings for gravy put the turkey in an aluminium roasting pan.

Brent in OR

Lisa--thanks for that turkey recipe. I did it but now I've got a problem--I've been put in charge of Thanksgiving! That's a good thing I guess. Thanks again.