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Topic Title: Best Drip Pan??
Created on May 17, 2009 at 01:05 PM


Just installed the EZ Bottom Kit and wonder if I should continue using my stainless steel drip pan or use the new aluminum pan. Seems like the steel pan would hold more heat and cook better. HELP!!


Use the newer one. It allows the grill to get up to temp faster and cook hotter.


I have been testing the aluminum pan and I am thinking that the stainless steel pan is better. It holds head better and makes it eaiser to get wood chips to smoke.

Foster G

The old stainless drip pans were great in that they did not rust, but they would tend to hot/spot or spread the heat a little unevenly.
The new aluminum drip pans also don't rust, but they spread the heat more evenly. Both are good, just a bit different.


Well, I have switched back to my sixteen year old stainless steel drip pan. My aluminum pan warps when I use water to slow cook. It is also harder to clean. An engineer friend tells me that a stainless pan should hold heat better than an aluminum pan. We do rib eye steak on the sear mate for 3 minutes on high on each side then on the pre-heated regular grill with hickory smoke 6 to 8 minutes on each side.

@ John

One of the reasons the newer grill models cook hotter is because of the aluminum drip pan. You do not want to have the drip pan "hold the heat". This can lead to hotspotting & flareups.

Aluminum allows the heat to pass through easier, allowing the grills to get hotter. If your aluminum drip pan is warping, call Holland & get it replaced.

As far as cleaning goes, if you use a high temp cooking spray each time after you clean it, it will clean a lot easier.