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Topic Title: New to Holland grill-pleased too!
Created on May 21, 2009 at 03:16 AM


I picked up a used SG2 Heritage from craigslist for $50. Cleaned it up, replaced the regulator and it fired right up clearing 400+ degrees in under 15 minutes. 1st thing on the grill was a strip steak and a porter house steak. I followed the recommended cooking times and I couldn't have been happier with the result. The steaks were medium rare throughout, juices flowing and amazing grille taste. I am sold on the Holland grilling method. Tonight I threw on some hot dogs and corn on the cob (in soaked husks). Both came out great. I'm looking forward to a full summer of grilling.



Just wait until you try a beer can chicken!



Congratulations & enjoy.

If your model number ends in SG-2, you actually have a "Classic", not a "Heritage".

That model was discontinued over 10 years ago & was a great grill.


Oops my bad. Just call me the proud owner of a "classic". :)
I can't believe how well this grill has held up. The guy I bought it from said they kept it at their beach house the whole time. They sold the beach house so the grill had to go. Not only is it in good shape for 10+ years but great shape for being in the ocean environment.


Try something like a Boston Butt with the Holland as a water smoker...GREAT pulled pork.