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Topic Title: Hamburgers
Created on January 6, 2008 at 08:51 PM

Steve S

I love my Holland Grills and have bought 4-5 for the kids--One Problem--When I grill hamburgers, they taste like they have been baked/broiled rather than grilled. What am I doing wrong.

Terry (Illinois)

I agree the hamburgers don't look grilled, but taste is everything and my family loves them. I've never had a baked hamburger but I don't think they wood taste very good. Try some wood chips, a mixture of hickory and apple is very good. I am in search of some killer grill marks on the meat. My grid can leave some on chicken breasts if I put the meat towards the back of the grill. I am thinking of laying a small cast iron grill top over my grid and possibly laying a griddle weight on the meat. Anyone have suggestions?


Hey Terry---if you have a bacon press, try that. Of course you will have to move it around a little, but it works for me, and keeps the burgers flatter.


I use cherry wood chips When I cook burgers. Don't put the burgers on untill the chips are smoking. Lots of people down wind will say how good it smells,and if I have any extras! :-)


Pick up one of the new searmates at your dealer. I sear the meat first on the mate and then finish cooking them on the mail grill. If I am only cooking a couple of burger for my wife and I, I cook them on the searmate, as it is faster and more conveint for me.