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Topic Title: Find site to order grill online
Created on May 27, 2009 at 01:04 AM


where does one find to order the Holland online? I found it once, but can't find it again. tHAnks


I ordered a Holland from one of the unauthorised sites a year ago. Had all kinds of problems getting it shipped & it was not only damaged when finally received, but some parts had been taken out of the box. Not only did I unknowingly get a discontinued grill, but it was damaged & not complete.
Go to the "Find a dealer" link on the Holland page & look up a local dealer who can help if you have problems. If you don't have a dealer close, call Holland for help.


Ditto on ordering from an unauthorized Holland dealer online. I thought I was saving a few bucks but ended up spending more than I would if I had bought it from the local dealer. No service, rude phone people were all I encountered from ordering from one of those internet sellers. Do yourself a favor and find a local dealer. Just my opinion.


Of course you need to buy local if possible. Buying things from big box stores or online is convenient but is not always cost effective in the long run. Cheaper isn't always cheaper.