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Topic Title: Propane
Created on June 1, 2009 at 05:49 PM


How long does the propane usually last?


Depending on the full size grill model you have, you should get 20/30 hours of heating time on a 20 lb LP tank.


I agree with the response, however, if you are doing the "easy exchange" propane tanks at convience stores, bear in mind that you are not getting 20lbs of propane. Most of the companies are only filling those to 10-13 lbs to keep the "cost down". I mention this to make sure people don't blame the Holland for "sucking" propane. Thanks, Paul

SD Kid

Thanks Paul, very interesting to know. I have alway bought my tanks new and can verify the condition they are in, like rust, dropped, banged etc. But I had been looking into exchange until I took a closer look at the condition some of the tanks.


I've been using Propane Taxi. They deliver and only charge 19.95. They do fill the tanks full. Check the nt to see if you have one nearby.