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Topic Title: Companion Drip Pan Plug
Created on June 9, 2009 at 08:23 PM


Is there a plug available for the Companion?

Roger T

The reason that Holland did not put a valve or "plug" on the Companion drain pipe is for your safety. If you added water to a Companion drip pan, cooked on it, then tried to carry it away, you could spill boiling water on yourself or someone else. I don't recommend that you try to get around this safety factor.


I use my companion as my primary grill. I live full-time in my motorhome. I don't plan on moving it immediately after use. Has anyone used the drip pan plugged and filled with liquid?


I think Roger T gave you the same recommendation that I would have.
I know several friends that use Companions & none block the drip pan to fill with liquid.