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Topic Title: The Legacy Grill
Created on January 9, 2008 at 08:07 PM


I intend to purchase my first Holland Grill. A good friend has the Legacy which I have admired for years, that is that I intended to purchase. Now according to the website it's only sold as an island unit! Is this correct?


Well technically, the Legacy is no longer available, but you may still be able to find a leftover at a local dealer. It was available as both a free standing unit and an island insert. It has been replaced by the Apex, which is essentially the same thing, but the base is now a cabinet instead of a pedestal. The new base conceals the propane tank just like the Legacy, but also offers some storage for grill brushes and scrapers,etc. The really important parts, the cooking system, remain the same, so you know the food that comes off the grill will be great. Hope that helps to clarify your question. I am a Holland grill demonstrator. My professional background is in Home Economics, so I am no stranger to appliances and cooking techniques. I am constantly amazed at the foods you can cook on a Holland and the quality of the end products. I LOVE my grill. I cook on mine year round, even in the Michigan winters!! So, go get yourself an Epic !!


Nancy: Thanks for taking the time to respond. Based on your input I will purchase the Apex. Consumer Reports last year stated "If you purchase a Holland Grill leave it in your will!" I want the best. Thanks again