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Topic Title: Burner blowback
Created on June 13, 2009 at 11:38 PM

Jimmy Jackson

I just replaced the burner in my grill and am now getting a flame in the throat of the burner just ahead of the orifice and it is making an audible roaring sound. The air adjustment plate is in place and the burner flame itself is a bright blue. I am sure it was something I did reinstalling the orifice in the burner. Any suggestions or ideas about correcting the problem.


Your manual says a "blue flame with yellow tips", not "all blue". Re-adjust your air-shutter & you should be OK.

Jimmy Jackson

Thanks for the reply. My burner is burning OK. It is blue with the yellow tip as described. However there is a flame in the throat of the burner. In other words there is fire burning about two inches in front of the orifice and there is a roaring sound as if the pressure is too high. I have the regulator that came with the grill and it was working fine before I replaced the burner. Any other suggestions?

Pinto Bean

The air shutter is letting to much air into the burner. If it's a stainless grill the shutter needs to be just about closed. Maybe open about a quarter of an inch. If it's a black grill it needs to be closed just past halfway.


have you tried taking the regulator off again let it sit for a few seconds then replace it see if this will correct your problem.