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Topic Title: Country Ham
Created on January 13, 2008 at 12:20 AM


Has anyone tried a country ham on their Holland? Recipes?? Suggestions??


When it is my turn to grill the easter ham I would close the valve and put apple juice in the pan. If I rember right I would put about 1 qt and let that evaporate off and add some more I think I did that 2 times. It added flavor and made the ham very moist.


How long did you cook it for and to what temperature?


Rob, Mike,

I just grilled a 10 1/2 lb. ham on my first attempt with my new Epic grill. However, my grill reached up to almost 450º when I grilled this.

What I did was like what platehead said... I added 1/2 mixture of water and apple juice till my drip pan was nearly full. I grilled as is for about an hour. Then I basted on honey/mustard/brown sugar coating on the ham. Grilled for another hour and 15 minutes. Turned out great. Even my kids liked this better than what we do with the George Foreman rotisserie.

So to recap... my 10 1/2 lb. ham was grilled for 2 hours and 15 minutes at a temp of nearly 450º.



The apple cider method is great, I take this one step further. I like to slice a chunk of ham off of the top so I have a flat surface. Then I pack brown sugar on and spritz it with a water bottle so the sugar is moist. The combination of the heat and moisture melts the brown sugar so it runs down the sides of the ham and gives it a nice glaze