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Topic Title: Not Getting Hot Enough
Created on June 28, 2009 at 06:20 PM

Joe in Atlanta

I had the Tradition and just got the Replacement Bottom EZ Version. Prior to swapping this out, the temperature would get up to 450 DEG F or so. Now, I cannot even get up to 350 DEG F.

The grill is hooked up to the gas line from the house so there are no issues with the regulator or LP Tank. I have no leaks, the orifice is clear, the burner is new so it is completely clean.

Does anyone have any suggestions?????

I have noticed that this EZ version has many more "vent holes" including 4 holes in the back and 4 on the bottom. Should these be plugged?

I was looking forward to grilling all day on July 4th so I need help quickly. Thanks!

Stafford P

You are more than lokely experiencing what happens when the safety valve in the regulator activates & partially blocks gas flow to the burner.
Go to the "Trouble-shooting" section on the web-site at >Grill not hot >Quick fix tip. Follow the direction to reset your regulator.

Billy c

Perhaps an Insect crawled into the gas hose between the time you disconected it and reconnected it. Just a thought, seems you have checked everything else!


I’ve had it. I’ve owned a Holland Classic for many years. My regulator hose started leaking. I ordered a replacement. Now I cannot get the grill to get hot. I’ve tried everything under the troubleshooting section. I’m just about ready to haul it to the dump. Any suggestions?

Call Holland

Call Holland



The current regulators are different than your original, thanks to the federal government. They will block gas flow if you don't do everything just right & in the correct sequence.

Call Holland so they can explain it to you. This also applies to anyone that has any model or brand of grill on LP gas less than 8 years old.

@ Joe in Atlanta


You say the grill is hooked up to "the gas from the house". Is that LP or NG gas??

The bottom kits are set-up for LP from the factory. If you are on NG, you need to change the gas valve orifice to an NG orifice. Also, do not use the short hose & regulator that came with the grill.

If by chance you are on an LP system that services your house, make sure there is no regulator between your house shut-off valve & the grill.

Mark H

mine did this, the problem wasn't with the regulator or gas supply. I removed the drip pan and then removed the deflector plate. The deflector plate had a lot of rust on it acting as an insulator.


I just resolved my "Grill not getting hot enough" issue on my new to me "Tradition" model Holland.

I changed the regulator, cleaned the pan, cleaned the orifice and blew the rust out of the burner and checked the gas pressure at the orifice to find 11"WC

Then I checked this website and learned of the "new" gas regulators. After following the reset and start up procedures it works fine with the old regulator. I don't understand what the purpose was of changing the regulators design, just more government meddling to me....

Brian Lee

Hi still no heat in mine. I have emailed holland grill 3 times but they won't respond back. Never buy another one. Tried ordering parts online tonight.and that did not work either. Won't take Any canadian provinces for shipping info. Stuck with a barbecur I can't use. Brian Lee Ontario, Canada


Brian--call Holland at 800-880-9766 and they will help you.


They are not purposely ignoring you. The web-site & the 800 number do not work in Canada. They are not getting your emails or orders. Call them!!! There are Canadian dealers. 919-0557-2001

@ Brian Lee

Sorry, too tired tonight. Correct number is 1-919-557-2001

Rip in Virginia

I won't have another one of these. I need to be able to grill in the winter, too, and this apparently just won't. I don't like the fact that you can't adjust the heat anyway, because you can't really slow cook with it (yeah, you can fill the drip pan with water, but that only cools it to 300, and that's too high for good slow-cooked barbeque). But it seemed to be pretty good other than that.
Now it's winter, and cold, and I can't get it to heat up any higher than 290. I've torn it all down and checked the orifice, and all the fittings, changed tanks twice, but it just won't heat up. Holland support apparently keeps banker's hours (when do they think we are going to grill?)
I've had it...

Tom Kirkman

I use mine year 'round. In the winter it cooks about 20 to 30 degrees cooler so I just add a couple minutes to my standard cooking times. Perfection.

If you want to keep the grill at 250 or so, for low and slow grilling/smoking, just fill the drip pan completely with water and if need be, set a small rock or block of wood between the body and lid to keep the lid about 1/2 to 3/4 inch open. That'll do it.

You may need to adjust your flame to get the optimum temperature desired. Also make sure your drip pan is reasonably clean. A thick build up of carbon will also lower your temperature.